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FAQs to expect during an interview

The interview stage is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills, experience, and passion for teaching. Most of us find interviews the most awkward and daunting part of the recruitment process, so getting it right is important. With the right guidance, the preparation before an interview can be easy. We asked our recruitment consultants what the most common interview questions for education positions are so you can be prepared.

February 28, 2024

FAQs to expect during an interview.


The interview stage is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills, experience, and passion for teaching. Most of us find interviews the most awkward and daunting part of the recruitment process, so getting it right is important. With the right guidance, the preparation before an interview can be easy. We asked our recruitment consultants what the most common interview questions for education positions are so you can be prepared. 


1. What skills can you bring to the job?


This question can be challenging for new educators who might not have as much experience to draw from. One of the best ways to answer this question is to highlight transferable skills that you’ve acquired through your own education or work experience.


Whilst you may have quite a scattered portfolio of work across industries and locations, this showcases your adaptability and willingness to learn new things.Creating your own work as a tradesman includes time management and exceptional organisation skills. Highlight how you have learned to use various technology/tools, appreciating old techniques whilst embracing the need to evolve. Highlight the fact that you have trained apprentices you have good communication and interpersonal skills.


2. Why have you applied for this job?


It’s important to show that you have done your research. Show how you align with the college's mission and values whilst highlighting what makes this institution standout to you. But arguably, even more important is that you come off as genuinely interested. Dealing with many interviews on that day alone, the hirer will know when a response is too calculated. This is why you should speak from the heart when discussing your genuine interest in teaching. Be sure to mention any connections you have to the college or community. Finally, show your enthusiasm to be part of the department’s future and growth.


3. What experience have you had in this particular field?


This question may seem straightforward, but it can be answered in many ways. Don’t give a full history of your work experience; let your CV tell your story. This is your chance to express why your subject of choice is crucial to you. You can highlight a particular skill or experience that has set you apart from other candidates. Use specific examples to demonstrate how you have fine-tuned your teaching techniques to meet the individual needs of students. Show that you have a solid understanding of the curriculum and how you have adapted alongside it.


4. What are your biggest career achievements?


Showcase what you are most proud of during your career, both personally and from a professional perspective. For example, you may have developed an innovative teaching method that has resulted in an improvement in student scores. 


Highlight any leadership or mentoring roles in which you have excelled or any recognition you received from your colleagues or community. Having specific examples is always a benefit and helps add credibility; it’s even better if you can supply statistics that show a definitive improvement you made. Share what you have learned from your achievements and how you plan to incorporate your knowledge into your next role.


We hope this article will help to relieve some of the stress of the interview process and provide some insight into the types of questions colleges will ask during interviews. Whether you’re new to teaching or a seasoned pro, it is always beneficial to have someone in your corner with great advice and support. For more industry-specific interview tips, our consultants are always happy to help. Get in contact with our consultants.