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Why teachers should use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business-orientated social media networking site. It has over 500 million members across the globe and gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise, give recommendations, connect with like-minded people and join discussions. This can make it a valuable social networking site to be a part of. Here’s why teachers should be using LinkedIn:

March 02, 2021

Gain exposure

Having a presence on LinkedIn will give you an advantage over your competitors when it comes to looking for a job. Recruiters have a keen eye for quality candidates and keeping an updated LinkedIn profile with your teaching experience and strengths, will give you an advantage over other candidates.

There’s even a ‘job-seeking' setting where you can show you are actively looking for a new role. This can save you a lot of time searching as you’re more likely to be head-hunted. 

Show credibility

Ask your friends and colleagues to post recommendations and endorse your skills on your profile. This will help build trust with potential employers showcasing evidence of your skills and what you’re capable of. 

Organisation research 

LinkedIn isn’t just for recruiters and companies to stalk you online! Remember, you can use this platform to do your own research; follow organisations and connect with people that work for your dream organisations. Connecting with these individuals can help ease the process of applying for roles or even give you insider knowledge that you wouldn’t know otherwise. 

Useful content

There are hundreds of groups available to join where educators, just like you, along with experts are asking and answering questions that cover all your teacher questions! 

LinkedIn also has a tonne of educational blogs that are written by educators and posted daily. With so many like-minded individuals you can collaborate, share best practices, or even exchange notes. 


So, to summarise, LinkedIn is free and user-friendly, allowing you to showcase your skills and experience whilst giving you access to a network of educators worldwide and constant updates on your area of expertise. Have you signed up yet?